The Systemic and Strategic Therapeutic Approach

Focused on problem solving

My consulting firm offers brief therapy and coaching that have proven very efficient in alleviating personal, professional and relationship difficulties. Sessions can take place in my consultation office, by videoconference or in your work setting.

Individual consultation

Anxiety, panic attack, phobias, OCDs

Depression, bi-polar disorders

Emotional and sexual disorders

Sleeping disorders

Stress, burn-out, bore-out

Cultural adaptation stress

Relationship dysfunctions, parent-child/ couple


Executive Coaching

Performance and emotion management

Individual and Team and Motivation

Boosting confidence

Stress, exhaustion and burnout

Interpersonal or managerial conflicts



Impostor Syndrome

Marie-Laure Clisson Sinimalé

Coach and Thérapeute

Citation : « To know that a being has breathed more easily because you have lived. That is what it means to succeed in life. » Ralph Waldo Emerson

Trained in systemic and strategic brief therapy and coaching by the Gregory Bateson Institute according to the Palo Alto model, I help my patients and clients overcome personal, family or professional challenges and help reestablish functional interactions as it relates to themselves, others and how they perceive the world in general.

The sessions can take place in my practice, by videoconference or at my client’s facilities for coaching. The sessions can be carried out in French or in English.

An Ecological Approach

Systemic and strategic therapy is a psycho-relational therapeutic approach taking into consideration the ecosystem of a person whether the difficulties are anchored at the personal, professional or family level.
It provides a solution and change oriented approach in the here and now. It differs from more traditional approaches in the sense that it aims to understand ‘how’ rather than ‘why’ the problems arose. It focuses on co-creating alternative solutions with the patient/client to effectively alleviate discomfort or suffering when everything seems to have been attempted unsuccessfully.
As a holistic approach, it considers the emotional, cognitive and behavioral components of the problems while respecting the person’s past and current context.

Dear Marie-Laure, it took me a while to write this as no words can express my gratitude for your presence in my life.

I feel privileged to be mentored by such a solid professional like you. In my search for greater self-awareness, you have created the space and provided structured guidance to make the digging much easier. Through your pragmatic and thoughtful approach, you guided me on gaining new perspectives to solve problems efficiently or cope better with situations. I felt quick improvement from the first sessions and a huge progress since we started our journey.

The art of learning is complex and learning about ourselves seems to be the most refined art, and I will forever be grateful to you for coaching me on this art so gracefully. I’ve learned from a quote in your website that success to you means to know that someone has breathed more easily because you have lived, and if that is the case, you have succeeded with me.

Thank you for helping me breathe more easily.

– Felipe –

Working with Marie-Laure as an executive coach has been invaluable to my career continuity.

At a time I considered to be a cross road in my career, Marie-Laure helped me to further explore my current role, re-focus on the positive aspects and address the challenges. Together we addressed short term issues and implemented strategies to overcome specific situations in the workplace, helping me to see things from a different perspective.

As an independent advisor, Marie-Laure can provide impartial advice and focus on both career and personal goals, approaching situations from a holistic view point. Her advice is pragmatic, realistic and in-touch with how we live. Marie-Laure’s advice and guidance has enabled me to find balance in my work and home life more so than any other approach I have explored.
Thank you again for all of your help,
– Bridie –

Each coaching session was extremely beneficial.

Thanks to her approach, Marie-Laure  found the words and the process to help me  overcome a difficult and painful situation. Working with her has allowed me to regain confidence in my abilities and in my capacity to adapt.
– Christophe –