Marie-Laure Clisson Sinimalé

Marie-Laure Clisson Sinimalé

My Journey

With a transdisciplinary background in translation, management, and leadership of international projects, Marie-Laure started to train in the ‘Palo Alto’ systemic and strategic therapy at the Gregory Bateson Institute.

In addition to her therapeutic and coaching practice, Marie-Laure continues to serve as a senior consultant in leadership development and education executive for the world’s premier leadership network. Her corporate career gives her a hands-on experience of the business world, current management practices and personal development issues.


« Savoir qu’un être a respiré plus aisément parce que vous avez vécu. C’est cela réussir sa vie. »

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

My story

Trained and certified at the Gregory Bateson Institute in brief therapy and coaching, I have been practicing the ‘Palo Alto’ systemic and strategic approach for problem solving since 2015.

My practice  in systemic therapy and coaching was the result of an unexpected, unplanned personal and professional international career. If I had been told, when graduating from university in translation and  interpretation, you will find your voice / path in 20 years, bewildered I would have asked myself ‘but what will I do with these 20 years?
The theory of conscious non-action has invaluable virtues in digging the bed of the river so that it reaches the sea no matter what. My professional and personal choices took me through a wide range of fascinating professions: from sedentary translation to the wanderings of an operations manager in business aviation in the United States; from economic advisor in a foreign embassy in France to management training and leadership development for senior executives for 9 years in Geneva. Then in 2013, my encounter with the systemic theory and the Palo Alto school of thought, with its interactional therapeutic model for problem solving marked my way and had a profound impact on how I perceived the world.

My journey, like my practice today, is the result of experiences, continuous learning, trivial or deep personal encounters; readings; decisions, renouncements and concrete actions but always marked by a great curiosity about the other and his uniqueness.
Indeed, the choices we make are the emerging quality of the relationship we have with our own thoughts, with others, and the world around us.

« The path is made by walking» Antonio Machado

This path that I have chosen, for supporting others in dealing with their life challenges, is one that brings me the most inner joy and purpose. It is a path that I walk on with the certainty that whatever the detours and bifurcations, the destination will be the right one. Being the instrument and the facilitator of change to help my patients and clients find their way, the solution to their problems whether they are personal, professional, couple or family is an adventure of great humility.

I am of French origin, I was born and raised on the Riviera between the Mediterranean Sea and vineyards but consider myself a citizen of the world. I left France after my studies and I lived, worked, studied or traveled in dozens of countries interacting with people from around the world. Since 2015, I have been fortunate to live and work in Dubai with my husband and our two energetic boys. I know firsthand the joys and difficulties associated with expatriation.

A Global Minded Trusted Coach and therapist with 15 years’ experience in Executive Education, Leadership Development practicing Systemic and Strategic individual therapy and coaching for change since 2015. I have a passion for co-creating innovative and creative problem solving solutions while acting as a powerful bridge to help individuals, teams and organizations evolve from current state to new desired realities with utmost respect of the cultural sensitivities and personal background.

My peers and clients tell me that I bring a unique combination of deep interpersonal focus and dedication to service excellence while being at ease navigating ambiguity, complexities and multiple stakeholder engagements. I am motivated by intellectually stimulating environment while having a very pragmatic and hands on approach to change and problem resolution. I bring a unique combination of “big picture” thinking, global understanding, deep personal effectiveness skills, and practical “results” orientation to the table. I love assisting leaders to expand their systemic thinking, engage key stakeholders and create forward momentum around what matters most.
My influencers in change management are Gregory Bateson and Paul Watzlawick, Giorgio Nardone and Brené Brown in authentic leadership.
I was born and raised on the French Riviera, I studied, lived and worked in Spain, the USA, Switzerland. Since 2015, I enjoy Dubai vibrant international life with my husband and my two young boys.


« Personne ne peut sincèrement aider autrui sans s’aider soi-même : c’est l’une des plus belles compensations de la vie. » 

– Ralph Waldo Emerson